Saturday, June 30, 2012

I never said I was PC

 So I posted a generic rant today about Pharmacists and the bad attitude and lectures I have experienced. You gotta understand I hear about similar experiences JUST like mine every single day. I get to be angry, I get to be resentful, and I get to let it out. I give hugs, hold hands, give advice and am daily making sure women in my demographic do NOT feel alone. In my other efforts I have to be PC ( for those that don't know what that is or are in Endo or Fibro fog that stands for "Politically Correct") Here is where I get to be me. I am not people friendly, I am out spoken and very blunt. These are good attributes in my non-endo world communications. Hey I can even sell an inflatable sheep with a straight face. What you see, when you follow that link, are words in black and white with just a shadow of the personality behind them.  You think my rant on Pharmacist religious rants was rude and insulting? Wait until you read my rant on how Susan B. Kohmen foundation screwed over small town health services, not just Planned Parenthood. Still working on that one though, and you can bet that won't be PC either ;)

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