Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dear Pharmacist

  You're ignorant behavior has caused me to lose my sunny disposition. My DOCTOR has prescribed this birth control for a reason. That reason is named " Endometriosis" Yes I know, you have likely never heard of it because you are not a doctor. You are a pharmacist. Time and again you preach your belief and religion to the unsuspecting who are only trying to reclaim their lives. Yes, you're pro-life. I get that, truly. What you fail to grasp is that life continues after one exits the womb. I'm not white knuckling that prescription because I want to prevent birth. With this treatment ,that you're refusing to let me have standing on your religious grounds, I hope to one day have a child. If it works, if I'm on the list for that miracle. But for now, I need what's on that shelf, wearing my neatly typed name. Not that you've asked, but BCP is also used to treat other conditions such as Functional Ovarian Cysts and Adenomyosis. I hope you never have to deal with any of this, the health issues, the excruciating pain, and the religious  harassment we deal with at your counter.  
        Sincerely, Just ONE of 176 million women world wide.

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  1. Posted this to my public awareness page- got some interestingly negative feedback ;) Yeah I can't always be positive. This person chose to "unlike" the page, as did a second, it doesn't change the fact that women world wide deal with just this topic on a daily basis. If you're one of the lucky ones to have never been in this situation, congratulations and i pray that you never are.