Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where oh where has my little zen gone oh where oh where can it be?

 Today I woke up spoonless.  I loaded up in my jeep anyway and went to some friends' house in the woods. It was totally worth it! There's something just so satisfying about zipping down some dirt roads and washing it properly in leftover puddles while looking forward to a non-toxic day.( And it was.) Sitting on the back porch, in the wicker furniture, listening to the wind-chimes sing their merry song. Sure it was exhausting, in a "done nothing" kind of way, but that's my zen. Out of the illness box. Sure it tagged along for the ride, but we got a change of scenery, a great meal, good convo and I didn't have to "plan b" it. I tell women every single day to find their silver lining and their one moment of positive- that it can be found no matter the the pain level . " Just because our physical health is wonky doesn't mean our emotional and mental health has to be". Today I'm not a hypocrite, I found mine, and it's lovely!

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