Monday, July 2, 2012

*knock knock knock* Anybody there......

Oh wait- this is simply a computer screen with a robot at the keyboard.

 The last couple days have been trying. Emotionally draining. It's hard when you lose a friend because of their own behavior, even harder when they revert to high school behavior and have their friends make sure to let you know why you're trash.
 In the last 24 hours I've been called insulting and rude, let's add bully to it today and knowing that all I did was call someone on their bs and let them dig their own grave with the tantrums, slander, the disrespect and blatant disregard for anyone else's' feelings or current situation. What really happened was I simply  didn't give her what she wanted. And because of this I'm a horrible person.
 So they think anyway.
 I lost a friend. Not because I misplaced them, but because I thought they were a better person than they are. I'm actually mourning the loss and hate the steps that have had to be taken in regards to it. I've been in tears more than once today. Bet you didn't know that.  I'm the robot, the geek behind the curtain and my heart breaks daily. Add to that a bone deep anger and having to be "PC" ( which is really really difficult for blunt me) and TRYING like hell to take the high road, only to have that sabotaged at every turn. Now what? What next? A witch hunt? It's a sad sad day when the non-christian is the one doing her best to turn the other cheek while the catholic throw stones at glass houses.

And that's the last I will be saying about that.

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