Saturday, June 23, 2012

And in the center ring........

I'm not shattered, i'm now mufti-faceted for better exposure. Sounds good in theory anyway. What the reality is, well that's a different jewel all together. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2004, after a 15 year struggle and the loss of faith in the medical community.  I have stage 4 with thoracic and ocular inclusives. Yadda Yadda...... This didn't stop my life, it just made it more complicated.
  I decided this wasn't going to stop my life, or my travels and I was going to experience every last drop of life that I could. Got married, got separated ( he couldn't handle the condition or vows of fidelity), took a couple right hand turns and landed in Georgia. Small town Georgia to be exact. Got used to being referred to as the "token yankee", met a great guy, with a beautiful Dyna Glide and the next couple years were fun. There is nothing like heading to Daytona in a pack of great people and just soaking up life. that's what I wanted right? Right. Life view from the passenger seat of the biggest vibrator a woman can get her legs around ;)
  In 2010 the Endo monster decided it was tired of being disregarded and put me through a hell of pain leading to shock while bleeding out and er doctors scratching their heads because they skipped Gynecological Conditions in med school. A year of this, and I wouldn't have survived almost sane if it wasn't for my Biker and my Henchwoman. Finally found a doctor here that would listen to me and she helped find the correct medicine combo to help give me my life back.  So I made plans, and we all know how Murphy loves when you make other plans lol So I started a potted plant garden, ran out of potting soil and had to go to the store before my rosemary gave up the ghost. Picked up a great mini windchime too- didn't account for a teenager ignoring a red light and sending me back to square one. My poor truck :'(

I survived this, and continue to survive this on a daily basis. Now it's not "just" endo, it's fibromyalgia and permanent bone damage. This happened May 31,2011 and has severely impacted not just my life but I have had to lay to rest the woman I was, and am still looking for the woman I am now. What I do know: I am the ringleader of the online circus called "The Sisterhood of the Stretchypants", an Endometriosis support group on Facebook as well as the geek behind the curtain of the Endometriosis Awareness Campaign also on Facebook. I would not have made it through the last year without the love and support of my admins, nor without the love,support and daily positives from my members. Thank you ladies!  I am STILL, even with the daily pain, 16 years clean of narcotics- prescriptive and otherwise ;) Other than that though- I'm still searching. I can't promise this blog will always be positive, but I can promise it will be real.

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