Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dusting off a memory

 I rummaged through old pictures today and found one of my Complication and me that was taken when we first started this whole dating thang. There we are in our riding leathers and winter gear stopped in at his old employers Christmas party, he's flipping off the camera and I'm just giggling and " intimidating" hims. That was about three and a half years ago. A lot has happened that has impacted our lives and how we lived them.  He got laid off, I got sick, he got rehired, I was still sick, I got stronger, he got laid off, I got hit by a car. And here we are. We can't just pick up and go anymore, and I love that he doesn't blame me for my illnesses. I know he understands how heart breaking it is for me that my helmet is dusty, and the bike hasn't really moved since I haven't been able to be on it. Our adventures in life may have been derailed, but now we get to explore who WE are in a better sense. Our relationship has had more strength and foundation than my marriage did. My Complication has stood by me and for me during the "for worse" and all I can hope for is that our " for better" will come so we can go back to being us. He understands why this being still is hard on my gypsy soul and I have no idea where his deep well of patience has come from, all I can do is be thankful for it. He probably doesn't understand how much I love and appreciate this side to him or how he deals with caged gypsy me, I know it's not easy.  I finally found what I've been hunting for though, and it sounds beyond trite BUT I found   the one who can be strong for me when I can't be, loves me for me not who he would want me to be,  knows my scars and paints me beautiful anyway
      I can't wait until we can go for a scoot again, not necessarily headed for anywhere specific- just to go, and be, and who knows what adventure is hidden along that stretch of highway.

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