Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You might need a new doctor "if"

This is something my beautiful admins and I put together because honestly we are on repeat with " You need a new Doctor Honey" so here it is, enjoy.

You might need a New Doctor "IF" :

1. Instead of being able to go to your Doctor for pain control you go to the local dealer

2. You know significantly more than the person who went to medical school.

3. You've been told a Hysterectomy will "cure" you

4. You've been told Endo only exists in your vajaja and/or mind

5. You've been told you don't have Endo because the ultrasound shows nothing

6. If you've beem told pregnancy will cure you

7. If you've been told "Lupron will kill off the endo and is your ONLY treatment option".

8. If you have been told that you had a normal cystoscopy so you don't have IC

9. If you have been told "your colonoscopy is normal, you don't/can't have endo affecting your bowel"

10. If you've been told "everyone gets cramps"

11. If you've been told birth control will cure you

12. If you've been told there IS a cure

As seen at HTTP://www.Facebook.com/EndometriosisAwarenessCampaign


  1. It's so unfortunate that most need a new doctor because most of these apply to our angels prior and current physicians.

  2. Exactly. Sometimes I wonder if it's about awareness or should angle more towards educating medical "professionals"