Sunday, July 15, 2012


I don't know how it's gotten to this, but it came up loudly in my household today that I have patience with my doctors and he doesn't understand how. Today is a bad bad day with the fibro and all I could do is sit there. Stoic. I am me. I don't see it as having patience, I know how much my doctor is fighting for my health. I found one of the good ones.  My meds aren't helping today, and my skin hurts so our "normal" Sunday routine had to be nixxed. The exhaustion that comes with chronic pain is literally kicking my ass today and all i want to do is cry and scream at the frustration and the pain, omg the pain. And I can't. If I start I'm afraid I'll flood Georgia. Sundays are the only day I get to leave house anymore, and not going is breaking me I think. I'm struggling with my own stairs right now taking my dog out, so i know I won't be able to do the stairs at the folks. It's not a matter of won't do, but it's all about the can't do today. So here I am, stoic.

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  1. I'm sorry love. I wish i could do something to help. I'm sorry that i was wrapped up in my own issues to be aware of this sooner and be there for you today.